Hello, I’m Wilson Hung

This is where I keep notes on everything I learn and where I catalog my marketing experiments.

Here’s a bit about me and what I’ve accomplished so far:

November 2015: Left my job as a chemical engineer to focus entirely on user acquisition.

December 2015: Started FounderOrigins so I would have a portfolio piece. In less than 1 month, I acquired 1000 email subscribers.

March 2016: Reached out to Noah Kagan @ SumoMe and got a job. I made many mistakes, but learned a lot.

July 2016 to Now: Started helping Justin Mares to grow Kettle & Fire

I’ve also been featured on sites like: SumoMe, ConversionXL, Canva, Forbes, and HostGator.

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Why I Left My Job – Chemical Engineering to Customer Acquisition

My time at Exxon was an amazing experience and I’m fortunate to have worked with people much smarter than me. I learned a lot.

The pay was great, it was secure, and it was challenging. I had a close group of friends and travelled quite a bit, my life was quite good. But after two years, I was getting too comfortable and felt like I have learned mostly everything I could at the job.

I’ve always believed that my 20’s should be a time where I take on the most significant risks. I have no kids, no mortgage, and no obligations.

I saved enough cash to decide for myself what I really wanted to do, and when to do it. As cliche as it sounds – money doesn’t buy stuff, it buys choices. And pursuing your dream requires both a surplus of time and money.

Sure, I could have continued to work on my side businesses while working full-time. But knowing the way I work best, I decided I would have to leave my job if I was to be truly successful in my own ventures – I’d need to focus.

I think it’s human nature to always want to attempt more than one can achieve, unfortunately having too many open avenues is a recipe for failure. So instead, I’ll just be focusing on two things which my blog and the next few years will revolve around:

  1. Establishing a routine to improve my health, fitness, and productivity
  2. Building the skill sets to become a customer acquisition expert

There’s nothing that excites me more than being able to work for myself and on projects which interests me. I have some ambitious goals ahead of me, so believe me when I say that this is just the beginning.